The Maguire Company is an independent economic analysis and public policy consulting firm founded in 1986. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, The Maguire Company provides a broad spectrum of organizational analysis and consulting services to corporations and state and local government agencies throughout Arizona. The Maguire Company has long-standing relationships with both private and public organizations, successfully conducting and completing a wide-array of research projects in diverse subject areas. Throughout its history, the firm’s research has had direct, serious, real-world results on the state of Arizona. The firm’s recent public sector clients in Arizona include: Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Arizona Department of Transportation, Cities of Phoenix, Glendale, Flagstaff, and Tucson, Coconino, Maricopa and Yavapai Counties, and the Maricopa and Coconino Community Colleges.  The firm’s clients also include a variety of private concerns.

Alan MaguireAlan Maguire is the President and Principal Economist of The Maguire Company.

Prior to forming The Maguire Company, Mr. Maguire was a senior investment banker with a regional securities firm.  During his tenure, he was the leading financial advisor in the state of Arizona and served as either senior manager or senior financial advisor on over $1 billion in tax-exempt financing.  His clients included: Arizona Transportation Board, Arizona Department of Administration, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, City of Prescott, City of Flagstaff, and others.

In the 1980s, Mr. Maguire was the Chief Deputy in the Officeof the State Treasurer.  As such he had overall management responsibility for an annual cash flow of $6 billion and an internally managed, fixed income investment portfolio of more than $2 billion.

Prior to that, he served as the EconomicAdvisor to the Arizona State Senate, where he was involved in all legislation with either a direct or indirect impact on the municipal fiscal structure of state and local government in Arizona.

Mr. Maguire was directly involved in helping to create: the 1980 Property Tax and School Finance reforms; the 1981 Highway User Revenue Fund revisions; the recodification of the Arizona Income Tax code; the State Constitutional Expenditure Limit and numerous other legislative reforms. Mr. Maguire has served as an advisor to several Arizona Governors, Arizona Senate Presidents, and Arizona House Speakers.  In addition, he has served on numerous special legislative study committees and provides frequent expert testimony to legislative policy committees.

Mr. Maguire is involved in a wide array of community organizations including serving as President of the Arizona Economic Forum, Chairman of the Arizona English Language Learner Task Force, and member of the Arizona Economic Estimates Commission, the Phoenix Economic Club, and the Arizona Economic Roundtable.  Currently, he is on the Board of Directors of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.  He is past Chairman of the Arizona Town Hall, past Chairman of the Arizona State Retirement System Board of Trustees, past Chairman of the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board of Trustees Investment Oversight Committee, past President of the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority, past Director of the Arizona State Retirement System, and former member of the Arizona Board of Investment. He is an original member of the Arizona, Western States, and Metro-Phoenix Blue Chip Economic Forecast Panels.

Georganna Meyer is the Senior Economist at The Maguire Company.  Prior to joining The Maguire Company in July 2014, Georganna was the Chief Economist at the Arizona Department of Revenue for 30 years. Her unit, the Office of Economic Research and Analysis, was responsible for diverse activities, including revenue forecasting for the Governor’s Budget, staffing the Economic Estimates Commission, the Property Tax Oversight Commission and the Debt Oversight Commission, all of which have great impact on local government finances, and ensuring that the Department complied with many statutory deadlines. Georganna and her staff were responsible for the Department’s Annual Report and created The Tax Expenditure Report, the Report on Bonded Indebtedness, the Income Abstract by City and County and annual reporting on income tax credits. These responsibilities provided her with a knowledge base of state and local taxation and debt issues.

Early in her career with the Department, she supervised the creation of the Individual Income Tax Simulation Model in 1987, which is annually updated and used for fiscal impacts on proposed changes to the individual income tax. Georganna also monitored and reviewed all income tax credits. She was involved with the creation and ultimate administration of the public extra-curricular activity tax credit and the private school tuition organization tax credits since 1998. She has testified numerous times before the Arizona Legislature and staffed multiple tax reform committees.

Georganna has been involved in, and served as President for, the Federation of Tax Administrator’s Tax Research and Revenue Estimating group, the Western Economic Summit and the Arizona Economic Roundtable. She served as the Department’s representative on the Joint Legislative Committee’s Finance Advisory Committee and has been asked to continue to serve on the Committee after retiring from the Department. She has given presentations to a variety of organizations including the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, the County Supervisors Association, the Government Finance Officers of Arizona, the Arizona Association of School Board Officers and the solar industry.

Prior to working at the Arizona Department of Revenue, Georganna worked as a Research Analyst at the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Gigi Connolly, Executive Staff Assistant/Consultant at The Maguire Company. Ms. Connolly joined the firm in 1997. Ms. Connolly is routinely involved in researching, writing, reviewing, and editing reports and project related summaries. In addition, she frequently compiles and organizes information and quantitative data in connection with projects of The Maguire Company. She has developed dozens of analytical models for past projects.

Ms. Connolly is a graduate of Arizona State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.